Spinal Tap: Back from the Dead

Ransom Riggs

You may wonder how a band that never really existed in the first place can have a reunion tour. But answering that would mean opening up a Pandora's box of mind-bending postmodern dilemmas, like "can a fictional band featured in a mockumentary become "real" if the actors who portrayed the band members actually play the songs from the film in front of paying audiences?" Which is of course exactly what happened in 1992, when Spinal Tap released an album of songs not featured in This is Spinal Tap called Break Like the Wind, and toured in support of it. (You can listen to the title track here.)

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Tonight I'm Gonna Rock it Tonight

Sex Farm appears on the new album as "(Funky) Sex Farm" -- this video appears to be a preview of what that'll sound like, from a recent unplugged/unwigged live performance:

Rock and Roll Creation

Jazz Oddyssey

Gimme Some Money, from the pre-Tap incarnation "The Thamesmen." I think that's Ed Begley, Jr. on drums.

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