Documentaries I Like: David Lynch's Interview Project


David Lynch and his son Austin have just launched a web series called Interview Project. It's a 121-part (!) short-form documentary series, and the first episode went live today -- have a look!

The Interview Project interviews were conducted during a 70-day road trip, and feature regular people talking about their lives. Directed by Austin Lynch, the material is both intimate and ordinary -- a powerful combination, if you ask me. Of course, David Lynch's introduction to the project is bizarre and choppy as usual, but keep watching to catch a rather exciting mini-trailer after he's finished speaking (video of the intro is at the end of this post). For what it's worth, here's a partial transcript of how Lynch describes the project:

"People should watch Interview Project because they're going to meet hundreds of people. There was no plan, really, for Interview Project. The people who were interviewed...each was different. Interview Project is a 20,000-mile road trip over 70 days across and back the United States. The team found the people driving along the roads."

Interview Project - Jess
Interview Project - Jess /

If the first episode is any guide, this will be a refreshing daily dose of documentary. In the first interview, a man named Jess tells a little about his life, and reveals that he hasn't seen his kids in 25 years (nor anyone from his "family" in 15). It's a bit grim, but hey, it's life.

After the jump: Lynch's introduction/trailer, and links to follow Interview Project on Twitter and Facebook.

You can follow Interview Project on Twitter and Facebook. Or just buy David Lynch's signature coffee gift pack. (What??)