The Late Movies: Remembering Jay Bennett

Ransom Riggs
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Here's a clip from Break Your Heart, of Jay and Jeff playing "Cars Can't Escape."

This is a really simple rock song called "I Got You" -- but I've always loved it. Jay's on lead guitar, on the left side of the stage.

Wilco rocks the pedal steel with "Forget the Flowers."

Wilco plays "War on War" on Letterman right after Foxtrot came out. Jay's not here -- guess he left the band before this show was taped -- but this is a great song nevertheless. I always find myself singing alone with Tweedy when he sings "You've got to learn how to die / If you want-to-want-to be alive."

This is a cover of a 1927 song by Richard "Rabbit" Brown called "James Alley Blues." Jay is on keys, Jeff on guitar. Simple and soulful.

One of their best-loved songs, "Misunderstood."

"Kamera," from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Another classic!