Computer Geek? Nerd? Dweeb? What was your clique?

David K. Israel

I recently came to the conclusion that entire population can be divided into two groups: Category A - the people who think high school is/was the be-all end-all, who lament graduation day, and Category B - those who think graduation marks the beginning of life.

It doesn't necessarily have to do with how popular you are/were, though sometimes that contributes to one's viewpoint, for sure. It's more about whether high school enabled/s someone to be his/her true self.

Of course, even if you felt like you could really be yourself in high school, you probably still belonged to a clique that helped shape your identity. I have no trouble admitting I was a band geek, and, in the spirit of our popular What's the Nerdiest Thing You've Ever Done? post last year, I'll even post a photo here to prove what a band geek I really was (yep, the one on the right, with the mullet).
How about you all? What clique did you belong to? (Or, if you're still in high school, what clique do you associate with now?) Did you ever excuse yourself from one group, and fall in with another?

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Anyone consider himself a motorhead or a pinhead these days? Anyone? Anyone? (btw: I'd say Ferris would probably be in category A.)