If You Work at a Radio Station...

Jason English

Yesterday we received a few emails about a radio station in Boston that was holding a "Discontinued Ben & Jerry's Flavor or MySpace Band?" contest. Since we ran that exact quiz in mental_floss magazine and here on the blog in 2007, I wasn't exactly pleased. But after talking to their program directors, I learned that they borrowed the idea from a sister station in San Diego "“ who must have stolen it from us (unless they borrowed it from someone else who had stolen it from us) "“ who absolutely acknowledged where the idea came from.

Here's the reason I bring this up: we'd love radio stations to use our quizzes. A lot of them would work well on air, and it's a great (and free) way to get our name out there. If you contact me first and have enough listeners, we might even be willing to furnish some mental_floss prizes.

So if you're a program director looking to fill airtime, perhaps we can work something out. Here are a few sample quizzes:

quiz_head_fordummies.jpg /
quiz_head_troymcclure.jpg /
sbtb.jpg /
quiz_head_wrighthedberg.jpg /