How Did You Know Daniel Wilson?

David K. Israel

I'm happy to announce a winner to our last How Did You Know? 5-day trivia hunt. Please meet Daniel Wilson of Greenville, Michigan, who blew through the final puzzle and got all the answers within 16 minutes of the bell! Considering how much we asked of you all in that final puzzle, 16 minutes is remarkable. Dozens of you got all the answers correct, and I'll be sure to post the top 10 in the order we received them over on our Facebook page soon. One word of caution: many of you forgot to tell us how you came up with an answer. If we're asking you to figure out something like the 523h56-529 code, you need to explain how you got to "22." Understood? Cool! Next time we know you'll get them all correct.

Meantime, our random winners this month are Kate, Caro and Sydney, three sisters who always submit their answers in the form of a poem. Congrats gals! We'll be in touch soon with your spoils.
See everyone back for another HDYK on the 30th of June, when Daniel Wilson will be looking to defend the title. Meantime, let's meet our winner and review his answers:

I live in Greenville, Michigan, though I'm originally from Battle Creek, better known as the home of Kellogg's. My wife KT and I have been married for four years, and our daughter Emily just turned three. I pursued a degree in history at Western Michigan University, although right now I work in a factory that makes reproduction parts for classic automobiles (life is funny like that.) The picture is indeed me shaking hands with MR. MONOPOLY. In April, I was privileged to compete in the 2009 MONOPOLY U.S. National Championship. Though I didn't win the $20,580 grand prize, I did manage to place a rather respectable 12th overall. I'm also now the number one MONOPOLY player in the state of Michigan, and I will be for four years until the next national tournament. I've always loved games and puzzles, so I'm happy to win the HYDK? challenge. I plan to buy all the mental_floss books I don't already own. I'd like to give a shout-out to my Facebook friends who helped me with the album cover challenge, since the music questions always give me problems, and also to my wife KT, who knew the first game's final score by heart, since she's been a HUGE Packer fan all her life. Oh, and GO BEARS! (Sorry, honey.)

Final Answer The stadium is Lambeau Field. First game score: Packers 21, Bears 17

Day 1 Part 1: Emperor Zerg stopped the KJ juggernaut in Game 75; Jennings therefore won 74 games. Part 2: Coldplay's "We Never Change" and Radiohead's "Backdrifts". Part 3: 523H56-529 5=t, 2=w, 3=e, H=n, 6=y, 9=o; twenty-two. [ed note: that's one position down and one to the right on a standard QWERTY keyboard] Image is of a football, laces out.

Day 2 Part 1: "more cowbell": "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult. Album covers: 1: Nirvana, "Nevermind" 2: Bob Dylan, "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" 3: Michael Jackson, "Thriller" 4: Eminem, "The Marshall Mathers LP" 5: Christina Aguilera, "Christina Aguilera" 6: White Stripes, "Elephant" 7: Amy Winehouse, "Back to Black"

Day 3 Part 1: Bob Moog invented the monophonic Minimoog keyboard. Part 2: Modern pianos have 52 white keys and 36 black keys. The missing numbers are 102, 86, and 36. [ed note: this was a 12x12 magic square] 5236+102=5338. The word displayed is BEES. The image is a cub and mother bear.

Day 4 Part 1: "Lethal Latte There": "The Tell-Tale Heart". Part 2: Each word's color defines what to do to return it to normal. Red words: change encrypted Bs to Cs (original Bs stay as is) Blue words: remove all N's Green words: move the first letter to the end position Orange words: read backward Purple words: move the last letter to the first position Pink words: replace the vowels with the previous vowel alphabetically Black words are left as they appear. The translated message reads: "Crack the code by (cake) figuring out the rules that govern each set of colored words. Extra words have been (icing) inserted into each sentence (recipe). Note them in order as (cook) they originally appear and circle the first letter of each. These six (lemon) (eggs) letters combine to spell out your final answer to this puzzle." Cake Icing Recipe Cook Lemon Eggs=circle. The image is an outline of the state of Wisconsin.

Day 5 Day 1: 22x2 is 44. Day 2: Thriller was released on 11/30/1982. Ken Jennings' streak ended on 11/30/2004. 44 degrees 30 minutes 11 seconds. Day 3: Bob Moog was 71 when he died. 71+17=88. Day 4: A circle of diameter 1 has a circumference of pi. Pi=3.14. -88 degrees 3 minutes 14 seconds.