The Late Movies: Inside The Actors Studio

Mark Arminio

The always incredible James Lipton, host of Bravo staple Inside The Actors Studio (and one of the only stable things to make its way out of Detroit in the past 15 years), has had his fair share of amazing actors grace his stage since the show began in 1994. Below are a few clips featuring a wide array of stars.

Robert Downey Jr. discusses his drug addiction.

Robin Williams stops by the show with his usual energy.

Danny DeVito pitches the idea of Twins 2 to Arnold, only to learn he has other plans.

Need further proof that Johnny Depp is slightly insane? In this clip, he talks about tunneling under his house and setting his face on fire.

At the conclusion of every show, Lipton has a series of inquiries called the Proust Questionnaire, which he asks to the guest. Dr. House is in.

Of course, everyone's favorite question is usually "what is your favorite swear word?" Natalie Portman, you're up.

Al Pacino tells a hilarious story about winning an Oscar.

Easily my favorite interview involves Mr. Lipton and the entire cast of The Simpsons. Here is a clip of James asking Homer a few questions. I recommend the whole episode if you have the chance.