The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Man Loses Hand in Tug-of-war

A bizarre accident during the Dragon Boat Festival in Shenzhen, China has left a man with a severed hand. The 34-year-old man named Shi was participating in a tug-of-war contest and had wrapped the rope several times around his hand. During the competition, spectators joined in and pulled the slack rope rope behind Shi. When the rope suddenly tightened, his hand was cut off. Shi underwent surgery at the Guangzhou Peace Hand Surgery Hospital to reattach the hand. It is not yet known whether the reattachment will be successful.

China Bans Snake-bite Chicken Entree

Several restaurants in Guangdong and Chongqing provinces in China have been advertising a dish made from a chicken that was killed by snake bite. The delicacy called "poisonous snake-bitten chicken" is supposed to be detoxing. A video of process of killing the chicken was circulated and sparked a week of controversy online and in the press. Now, health authorities in both provinces have stepped in and ordered the eateries to stop  serving the dishes.

Vacuum Cleaner Hose Saves Drowning Man

A man named John was working an excavator at Mordialloc Creek near Melbourne, Australia last Monday when the excavator collapsed into the water. John was pinned underwater by the weight of the equipment. Nearby charter boat operator David Thomson and one of the man's co-workers worked frantically to save him. Thomson yelled for a tube of some kind, and a witness brought a vacuum cleaner hose. Thomson blew air into the hose to the submerged man. Emergency personnel arrived eight minutes after the accident, and were astonished to find the man alive underwater. John was last reported to be in stable condition at the Monash Medical Centre.

Fish Coughs Up Gold Watch

Curt Carish of Kaua"˜i, Hawaii was at Port Allen beach when he spotted a fish swimming awkwardly. He grabbed a bamboo pole and beat the fish until it went limp. Carish, who noticed the fish had an abnormally large belly, put the fish in his cooler along with his lunch. When a friend opened the cooler and looked at the fish, it had a

gold watch

hanging out of its mouth! Carish said the watch was still ticking, and had the correct time.

Outsourcing Elderly Care -to India!

Steve Herzfeld confronted the decisions that haunt most of us eventually. His elderly parents needed round-the-clock care, but he couldn't afford the quality of nursing home he wanted for them in Florida. So he sent them to Puducherry, India!

...once staff had been found, he could give his parents a much higher standard of care than would have been possible in the US for his father's income of $2,000 (£1,200) a month. In India that paid for their rent, a team of carers - a cook, a valet for his father, nurses to be with his mother 12 hours a day, six days a week, a physiotherapist and a masseuse - and drugs (costing a fifth of US prices), and also allowed them to put some money away.

Woman Blames Frog for Husband's Death

Giselle Bertozza of Mannering Park, New South Wales, Australia blames her husband's death from cancer on the stress of listening to a

noisy garden frog

for years. The Bertozza's neighbors have a garden pond, into which a noisy frog moved in and croaked through the night, causing both Bertozzas to endure sleepless nights. The neighbors say they got rid of the frog, but another moved in. Mrs. Bertozza is afraid that she, too, will die of the stress of listening to the croaking frog. Local authorities say there is nothing they can do, as frogs are not covered under noise ordinances.

Twitter Treasure Hunt

Anthony Gardiner of Wellington, New Zealand bought an engagement ring for his girlfriend, but she turned him down. He can't return the ring and doesn't want to keep it as he considers it bad luck, so he's staging a treasure hunt!

Anyone keen to pick up the ring, valued at NZ$5,000 ($3,268), will need to be in New Zealand's capital city, Wellington, on Saturday to join the hunt, the Dominion Post newspaper reported.

Clues to the ring's whereabouts will start being posted on social networking site Twitter (http:/ at 8 a.m. local time on Saturday (2000 GMT on Friday).