The Weekly Recap


In case you weren't obsessively refreshing all week, here's what you missed:

Top 5 Stories Originally Posted This Week

1. 8 Bookstore Cats, by Miss Cellania

2. Sly Stallone Pudding & 7 More Unique Celebrity Products, by Mario Marsicano

3. 6 Lost Works That Finally Turned Up, by Adrienne Crezo

4. 8 Library Cats, by Miss Cellania

5. Where Are They Now? Dot-Com CEOs, by Mario Marsicano

Top 5 Most Commented Stories

1. What Was Your Clique? by David Israel

2. Who Was Your Favorite Teacher? by Ransom Riggs

3. The Quick 10: 10 Variations on Tetris, by Stacy Conradt

4. The Quick 10: It Was 42 Years Ago Today..., by Stacy Conradt

5. A Brief History of Music Television, by Kara Kovalchik

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Top 3 Quizzes Originally Posted This Week

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Top-Selling T-Shirt in Our Store

We had a minor upset this week. "Pluto: Revolve in Peace" knocked "Hokey Pokey Anonymous" out of first place for the first time in a month. You can get both shirts here "“ and get 15% off when you use the code DAD before checkout.

5 Other Things We Learned

1. The difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

2. How globes are made.

3. Sisters are scientifically better than brothers.

4. Bob Dole was a soda jerk.

5. Daniel Wilson is a trivia whiz.

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