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Andréa Fernandes

Entering its 90th week on,
"Feel Art Again" has featured more than 250 artists.

It can be a little hard to remember all 250 artists, so we decided to make it easier on you. Check out the new "Feel Art Again: Artists" spreadsheet, which lists each artist we've covered in alphabetical order, along with their nationalities, years of birth and death, and the link to each "Feel Art Again" post.

You can also scroll back through the "Feel Art Again" category at

Once you've checked out our shiny new spreadsheet and caught up on any posts you've missed, swing back here and let us know what you think, or suggest an artist we haven't featured yet. (Which you can also do by e-mailing

This month, we're featuring at least one artist from a different country in each post. We've already covered Candido Portinari from Brazil and George Lilanga from Tanzania... check back on Tuesday for the next artist and country!

"Feel Art Again" appears three times a week. Looking for a particular artist? Visit our archive for a complete listing of all 250+ artists that have been featured. You can e-mail us at with details of current exhibitions, for sources or further reading, or to suggest artists.