The Late Movies: Optical Illusions

Chris Higgins

I love optical illusions and weird visual tricks. So I've collect some fun ones here, for your Late Movies enjoyment! Sit back, turn out the lights, and prepare to be amazed....

The Union Jack

This is fun. Watch this flag closely (fullscreen is best). Eventually the image will disappear, and you'll see the proper color version of the Union Jack!

The Ames Room

Similar to the The Ames Window shown yesterday, this room uses bizarre perspective tricks that cause the human brain to misinterpret what it's seeing.

Turn on the Lightbulb

Keep your eyes on the filament inside the lightbulb (works best in fullscreen, but still works if you just keep your gaze steady on the small video). After a little while, the lightbulb is removed, but you'll see an afterimage against the black background, as if the lightbulb was illuminated.

The Hollow Head Face Mask

In this illusion, a hollow Charlie Chaplin face mask appears not to be hollow, when rotated (when you view the back part of it). The brain tries to make sense of what it's seeing, and in so doing, tricks the viewer.

It's Che!

Very straightforward (just an inversion trick), but still neat!

Relative Color Perception

In this video, it helps to have some way to zoom in (either by going fullscreen, or doing CTRL-scroll-up on a Mac).

A Blue Circle

This one was very effective for me. I can still look at white portions of my screen and see the circle!

Watch Lots More

Most of the above are from one YouTube user, MariaGarcia281