In 2007, Mark Ontkush, the brain behind ecoIron, wrote an interesting post suggesting that Google could save tens of thousands a year, along with hundreds of Megawatt-hours a year, if they changed their background color from white to black.

The theory, which has been hotly debated, is based on the fact that different colors consume different amounts of energy on computer monitors. However, this is only really true for CRTs, which run much hotter when a white screen is loaded, vis-à-vis a black screen. LCDs, not so much.

darkgoogle.pngSoon after Ontkush's post hit the front page of, Tony Heap, the owner of HeapMedia, started a black Google site called, which uses the Google search engine, but presents the results on a black page. Others soon followed. You may even recall that Google used a black screen last year to help promote Earth Hour.

jabago.pngOn the Google home page, they claimed the because most people in the world had made the switch from CRTs to LCDs, the energy savings of a black search engine added up to practically nothing. Still, the other sites claim they're doing their part to combat global warming, etc.

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