The Late Movies: Absurdly Young Virtuosos

Ransom Riggs

If there's one thing people seem to love watching on YouTube, it's little kids rocking. Lucky for them, there are plenty of musical prodigies out there to sate their demand. Here are a few of my favorites!

Seven-year-old drummer
Jacob Armen was just seven when this video was recorded, and he's better than most adult drummers I know.

Nine-year-old metal guitarist
You might have heard of Japanese metal kid Yuto Miyazawa, famous for covering Ozzy Ozbourne songs on his big-than-he-is electric guitar. Check him out on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Now all he's got to learn is how to smash his guitar and set it on fire when it's all over.

Six-year-old piano virtuoso
Emily Bear comes from a musical family -- her brother plays the guitar, her sister plays the harp and her grandmother was a concert pianist -- but Emily's got a musical genius that lessons alone can't impart.

Eleven-year-old violin prodigy
In his time, Paganini was known as a virtuoso among virtuosos -- so for a little girl to be able to tackle some of his most difficult material (and with such panache) is simply jaw-dropping.

Two-year-old piano genius
If you thought these other kids were impressive, check out this two year old! I mean, she's not even looking at the keys while she plays.