The 2.0 Dope

facebooktwitterreddit might go down as one of the coolest Web 2.0 sites to come down the pipe, or it might turn out to be a colossal flop. I'll let history and those much more into the hip hop and rap scenes, be the judge. But I've got to do my part and at least make sure our smart readers have the dope on what's happening in the collaborative song-writing world.

Yeah, it's a social networking site. Yeah, you can vote songs, beats and tracks up or down, a la Digg, Reddit, and all the imitators. But that's not really saying much about this site's 2.0 capabilities.

DopeTracks let's you sift through other users' songs, loops, and beats and multi-track on top of them, along side of them, underneath them.

And once a "˜collaboration' has been recorded, another user can come along and "˜challenge' the recording by making a new recording, creating something approaching virtual rap battles.

You can Tweet your new song, or embed it on your blog. Here's an example of one I just laid down: