Ze Frank on His Internet Projects


Ze Frank is best known for his video blog, The Show, which brought a new dose of humor every day from March 17, 2006 through March 17, 2007. But both before and after The Show, Ze was doing fun internet-based experiments -- small games, social investigation, and just straight-out jokes. Here's video of him speaking at Webstock 09, describing some of his favorite projects over the years. The program described his talk as follows, because he failed to come up with his own description on time:

Ze will perform a mime. His silent exercises, which include such classic works as the cage, walking against the wind, the mask maker, and the park, and satires on everything from sculptors to matadors, have been described as works of genius.

Not wanting to disappoint the crowd, he did some mime work, followed by a real talk on actual things. Discussed: how do we do original work on the internet, being interested in rules, going beyond the rules, online flower-making as micro-chat forum, and lots and lots of other interesting internet experiments. If you're interested in what interests Ze Frank when he's not just telling jokes, click on the screenshot below or going here (I would have embedded the video, but embedding was prevented for some reason). A mild word of warning: there is some crude humor and language in this talk.