Caption Contest No. 15 Finalists


[There's still time to cast your vote! We'll lock down the ballot box on Sunday night.]

Thanks to all who entered our 15th Caption Contest! We had close to 200 gags, and a lot of them good. Now it's up to you all to pick the winner, after the, er, jump you'll find our favorites.
Drop your vote in the comments below and may the best caption win! (Remember: one vote per person please.)

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And the finalists are"¦

a) "Hop on in anytime."

b) "Our agent is going to hear about this"¦ We asked for someone with musical experience, not marsupial experience."

c) "We said we wanted something to SYMBOLIZE the zoo, not a cymbal-playing roo!"

d) The band grew tired of Roo's requests to play hip hop.

e) It turns out that covering Van Halen's "˜Jump' was a bad choice.

f) "At least the elephant works for peanuts"¦ "

g) Because +someone+ had their seasons backward, the Vivaldi concert did not go as planned.

h) "You're supposed to follow the sheet music, not just jump in when you feel like it."

i) "I'm afraid the donors will be appalled by our obvious roos."

j) The Aussies take their animal rights VERY seriously.