Our First Nerd President?

Chris Higgins

An important moment in nerd history took place three days ago. John Hodgman, nerd icon of stage and screen (if by stage you mean...uh...books), gave a speech at the 2009 Radio and TV Correspondents' Dinner. Sitting on the dais with him was President Obama. Hodgman suggested that Obama is America's first nerd president in the modern era, after a succession of jock presidents. Obama seemed to agree. Watch the video below for a cultural moment that's sure to resonate for decades to come.

Discussed: the culture war between jocks and nerds; the three kinds of Hobbits; God as a distant, uncaring Dungeon Master; Obama's victory as a Revenge of the Nerds; asking the hard questions about the president's nerd credentials; a series of stunning Dune references; some nice Star Trek references.

Read more about Hodgman's appearance from the man himself.