The Late Movies: Ed McMahon

Mario Marsicano

As you probably know, everybody's favorite sidekick passed away today at the age of 86. Ed McMahon's belly laughs and occasional zingers were a staple of the Tonight Show for many years, and he will truly be missed. So, in honor of a Hollywood legend...Heeeere's Ed!

First, Ed has some fun with Carnac the Magnificent.

Ed was always a fixture on the annual Jerry Lewis telethon. Here he is singing a tune with Jerry.

For years, Ed was the host of Star Search. Here is the show opening.

Here, Ed learns firsthand how difficult it is to work with pets.

Ed and Johnny once reminisced about the time Ed had a few too many.

Ed was actually roasted on the Dean Martin roasts. Here, Pat Buttram (remember Mr. Haney on Green Acres) takes a few shots.

Recently, Ed could be seen rapping for

And earlier this evening, Katie Couric paid tribute to Ed in her notebook segment. Embedding was disabled, so you can see the clip here.