5 Bizarre Real Estate Investments


So, you're a little hesitant about investing in the stock market. To quote Great White, even though the S&P 500 is up over 30% from its low three months ago, you're once bitten, twice shy. Plus, that overbearing uncle keeps cornering you at every family gathering and telling you that you should invest in real estate. "Son," he says (even if you're female), "God only made so much land, and he ain't gonna make no more."

So you've decided to take his advice, but where do you start? Well, you can start small, really small, or flip the script and go big or go home.

1. Parking Spaces

Parking spaces are nothing more than painted lines on asphalt, but some sell for more than $200,000. If you're convinced that this whole public transportation thing is just a fad, you might want to look into the lucrative world of parking spaces. Not parking lots, mind you, but individual spaces. Unfortunately, even owning just one space comes with a number of strings attached, like insurance, association dues, and, if you want to rent the space out rather than use it yourself, advertising. The great thing about being a parking space landlord, however, is that the eviction process is just a tow truck away.

2. A Room With a View (But Just One)

hotel-room /

3. Miniature Golf Courses

philly-golf.jpg /

4. Shipping Container Houses

shipping-container /

5. Decommissioned Missile Silos

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