The Weekly Recap

Jason English

In case you weren't obsessively refreshing all week, here's what you missed:

Top 5 Stories Originally Posted This Week

1. 5 Famous Numbers and the Logic Behind Them, by Casey Johnston

2. 6 Songs Used to Torture & Intimidate, by Danny Gallagher

3. Body Anomaly Tattoos, by Miss Cellania

4. Surprising Facts About 15 Bestselling Authors, by Ethan Trex

5. 9 Unique Ambient Advertisements, by Mario Marsicano

Top 5 Most Commented Stories

1. The Quick 10: 10 ATM Statements, by Stacy Conradt

2. Get a Cluedo: The Wonderful Story of Everyone's Favorite Mystery Game, by Linda Rodriguez

3. Let's Hear it for Libraries, by Chris Higgins

4. The Quick 10: 10 Guys Who Have Rocked a Toupee, by Stacy Conradt

5. 8 Mysterious Tales of Traveling Dogs, by Miss Cellania

Top 3 Quizzes Originally Posted This Week

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quiz_head_TVhomes /
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