I just heard that the Sony Walkman turns 30 this week. To celebrate, let's revisit the first time The New York Times gave it a mention, in an article titled "Stereo-to-Go "“ and Only You Can Hear":

walkman.jpg"Josh Lansing and the young blonde woman had never even met before, but as they passed each other on Madison Avenue the other afternoon, she waved and smiled and he tipped his headphones in salute....What the two well-dressed strangers first noticed about each other was that they were both possessors of the newest status symbol around town: the Walkman, a portable stereo unit (priced in most stores at $200), consisting of an ultra-light headphone set plugged into a cassette player that weighs in at less than 14 ounces, batteries included. 'It's just like Mercedes-Benz owners honking when they pass each other on the road,' explained Mr. Lansing, whose cassette hung from his Gucci belt."

Originally published July 7, 1980. You can read all the previous installments of 'The First Time News Was Fit To Print' here.