Photos: Crystal City Beneath Five Fingers


So my friend Elise McIntosh was on a business trip in Crystal City (near Washington, DC), and decided to take a walk. She wears these crazy shoes called Vibram Five Fingers -- which I refer to as "the gorilla feet." Anyway, she looked down at one point and noticed that on a short walk, she was walking over all kinds of interesting-looking patterns. So she started taking pictures and posting them on Flickr, in a set called Crystal City Beneath Five Fingers. She wrote:

I was talking with Siri [a mutual friend] before I left about how empty and soulless Crystal City feels, so when I got here, I tried to find something interesting about it. Then I noticed that the sidewalk kept changing: patterns, materials, textures. Kind of like an interior decorator took the neighborhood floor on as a personal project. Next time, I want to see if I can get other feet in the picture with me. Might be an interesting way to meet some new shoes.

Check out the slideshow for a fun photo adventure. And if anyone's up for it, go ahead and post your own walk-photos on Flickr, and leave a link (minus the http part) in the comments!