Top 10 Stories Published in June

Jason English

I know we're well into July, but let's get all nostalgic for a moment and take a quick look back at our top 10 stories from June:

1. Why Does Bottled Water Have an Expiration Date? by Matt Soniak

2. Cheetos Lip Balm & Other Bizarre Brand Extensions, by Mario Marsicano

3. 7 Civil War Stories You Didn't Learn in High School, by Eric Johnson

4. Strange Geographies: The Salton Sea, by Ransom Riggs

5. 6 Songs Used to Torture & Intimidate, by Danny Gallagher

6. 5 Familiar Numbers and the Logic Behind Them, Casey Johnston

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7. Where Are They Now? High School Kids Immortalized By Sports Illustrated, by Scott Allen

8. 8 Bookstore Cats, by Miss Cellania

9. Body Anomaly Tattoos, by Miss Cellania

10. The Origins of 7 Condiments & Sauces, by Ethan Trex

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