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Friday Happy Hour: What's in Your Wallet?

Jason English

1. I love the Seinfeld episode where Jerry goes through the contents of George's gigantic wallet ("Show this card at any participating Orlando-area Exxon station to get your free 'Save the Tiger' poster.") While I'm not storing any Sweet & Low with my credit cards, I do carry some non-essentials: a one-way Chatham, NJ-to-Penn Station train ticket from 2004; half of an expired Costco card (the half without the metallic strip); and a red/green "More please"/"I'm full" card given to me by a waiter at the Texas de Brazil steakhouse in Aruba on my honeymoon. Just in case.

How about you? What's the weirdest (or oldest) thing you're carrying around in your wallet or purse?

If you've got a camera handy, take a picture of your odd item and email it to We'll put together a gallery.

2. I get the most boring mail. I can't remember the last time something arrived that I was genuinely excited about. (College acceptance letters? The AARP card that was mistakenly sent to me when I was 25?) I'm not counting random stuff I order online, since I always know that's en route. I mean a 'Wow, you won't believe what came in the mail today!' letter.

I do have the big 3-0 coming up later this month (on the big 3-0), so maybe my postal luck will change. What's the last piece of truly exciting mail you received?

3. My mom emailed me this story about Jack Boyle, a guy who left $152,000 to the Ohio insurance company where he worked from 1953-1978. According to his will, the money was left "in gratitude for my livelihood in their employ, and good pension in retirement." Quite the company man. If you were revising your will today, what would you leave to your current employer?

4. And here's this week's 'Do you like movies about gladiators?' kind of question: Have you ever been to a book signing? Who was the author? Good experience? Waste of time?

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