Become a Sidekick, Win a Book

Jason English

The mental_floss offices in Birmingham (AL), Brooklyn (NY) and Chagrin Falls (OH) are sent a lot of books, and it's about time we started giving them away again. I've asked interns Mark Arminio, Casey Johnston and Eric Johnson to come up with contest ideas, and come up with contest ideas they have. We'll be running a few of these book giveaways each week. We'll start with a Mark Armino special.

You're playing for a copy of An Interactive Sherlock Holmes Mystery - The Crimes of Dr. Watson (Chronicle Books).

In the grand tradition of sidekicks, if you could be paired with any figure as a young apprentice, who would you pick and why?

We'll will pick a winner this time tomorrow (some combination of "the one that made us laugh and/or consider a career change" and "Mark's favorite"), and then we'll announce another contest. Good luck!