Yeah, right -- the Manson family! In all seriousness, though, this pop-art awesomeness was all created by my neighbor Evan, who lives upstairs from me and just happens to be a pretty amazing illustrator. He also has a wicked sense of humor, as evidenced by this illustration of Michael Phelps doing bong hits with Aquaman:

More pop art madness, including Mario as the victim of Godfather-style retribution (remember the scene where the guy wakes up with his horse's head in his bed?) (Awesome but probably NSFW:)


Or how about Mario as an early-20th-century-style Soviet dictator? In Russia, magic mushroom eats YOU ...
all hail mario

Possibly even creepier: John Belushi as a John Wayne Gacy-style deranged clown:

Dr. Doom as a paparazzo:

Check out Evan's site for more twisted pop art, or a gallery show this Friday (for all our LA-based readers) called Crusaders and Haters, featuring Evan's work and a lot of other cool pieces, as well.