TiVo Classics: What's the Oldest Show Saved on Your DVR?

Jason English

1. My wife (then fiancée) Ellen bought me TiVo for Christmas in 2003. That very TiVo is still in operation, which is great, because she bought me the lifetime service contract to go with it. I was just scrolling through the list of programs and realized there's some rather old stuff in my queue -- the complete second season of Da Ali G Show originally recorded in 2004; a 2003 episode of Animal Planet's K-9-to-5 that must have held special meaning to my 24-year-old self; and the impromptu postgame show Mike Francesa & Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo hosted on NBC after the New York Giants' improbable win in Super Bowl XLII. One of these days, I'll preserve these on DVD. Or come to my senses and clear some hard drive space. What's the oldest program saved on your DVR?

2. In that TiVo box came a TiVo decal. "What a weird thing to give us," I remarked. "Who would put the TiVo logo on their car?" Later that day, Ellen defiantly affixed the TiVo decal to our Camry. I thought that was a bold and funny gesture, and I've been driving around with it ever since. What's the best, worst or most embarrassing bumper sticker or decal you've ever put on your car? (Alternate question: What's the most ridiculous bumper sticker you've ever seen?)

3. I'm off to another wedding this weekend -- my fourth in five weeks. I've still got some packing to do, so let me re-post a question from earlier this year:

I've been to my share of weddings over the years, and they all went as planned. No bride or groom ever failed to show or said the wrong name or fled the altar. No former lovers ever interrupted the ceremony, and everyone else chose to forever hold their peace. Of course, weddings in books, movies, and TV shows get screwed up all the time. Have you ever been to a wedding where, for whatever reason, nobody got married?

4. Let's end with an update from last week. I got a kick out of all the wallet treasures you're carrying around. Some of you sent in photos, too, including Margaret:

wallet-purse /

"People always ask me why I carry a latex glove, but no one ever asks about the knife."

If you'd like to send in a picture of the strange items in your wallet (or purse), we'd still love to put a gallery together. Email your photos to flossypics@gmail.com.

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