Not Fooling Anybody: Bizarre Retail Conversions


At a stoplight not too far from where I live, you can see an abandoned Circuit City, an empty CompUSA, two closed-down gas stations and a non-descript big box building that went up in 2006 and has yet to have a tenant. I don't know what will happen to these deserted structures, but I'm glad someone out there is documenting some of the more bizarre transitions.

Not Fooling Anybody has been chronicling bad retail conversions for years, like this KFC-turned-chiropractor, complete with the big bucket of chicken still flying overhead.

england-piano /

Or this former Waffle House, which is now England Piano.

desmoinespolice /

And what do you do when your local Pizza Hut shuts down? In Des Moines, the police swooped right in.

kembass /

Cross out the 'Y,' add a 'K' and voila! Embassy Cleaners becomes Kembass Cleaners.

Are there any examples like these in your neighborhood? You can view lots more bad conversions here. Thanks to occasional _flosser Sydney Beveridge for turning me on to Not Fooling Anybody.

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