The Late Movies: Cracked-Out Classic TV Intros


In the lightning-fast world of internet fads, these are considered oldies -- but in my opinion at least, goodies. Fatal Farm are a couple of weird video wizards who brought us both "Lasagna Cat" and "Infinite Solutions," but rocketed to YouTube stardom with these re-interpretations of classic TV intros a few years ago. Take a look, but be forewarned that a few of them are line-crossers that might be considered NSFW. (Those are also the funniest ones.) This is randomness raised to an art form.

The Facts of Life

This alternate intro for Duck Tales is a jaw-dropper ...

Creepy on so many levels, this is Designing Women

I didn't know Dynasty featured Osama bin Laden!

Doogie Howser has a stalker.

The Golden Girls are looking good enough to eat.

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Cheers has apparently been re-edited for broadcast in the tribal regions of Pakistan.

Knight Rider was really a show designed to sell children's toys, right?

A creepy recluse who really loves Home Improvement: