McDonald's Food Created Using CGI

Chris Higgins

So let's say you're making a commercial for McDonald's. Want to make the burger look its very best, even after a few hours of filming? Worried about the lettuce wilting under hot lights, or ice melting before you can get a beautiful shot of the meal? Well, here's an idea...why not reconstruct the food digitally? By modeling the entire meal in 3D, animators can recreate a simulacrum of food that looks just as appealing, and there's no pesky reality to interfere. The only problem comes when you realize that the tantalizing real/fake/real food is just a computer's invention, and a sort of gustatory uncanny valley sets in.

Have a look at this TV spot using 3D modeled McDonald's food. As creator Bruce Banit writes:

This is a recent spot we completed in June for Bernstein Rein Advertising. As you will see, this is an entirely CGI spot. We used photo modeling techniques for the fries and the Big Mac. The fry box, Dr. Pepper, ice, bubbles, smoke, straw, environment, etc are all entirely CGI.

McDonald's Versus from Bruce Branit on Vimeo.