The Late Movies: SNL's Weekend Update


My favorite part of Saturday Night Live has always been Weekend Update.  Here are a few clips of some of the different actors and actresses who have parodied the news (although sadly, I couldn't find one of Christopher Guest).

We start with Chevy Chase on only the third episode of SNL.

Chevy only sat behind the desk for a season, passing the torch to Jane Curtin. In this clip, she responds to the criticism that she is not as sexy as Chevy Chase.

Dennis Miller brought his own brand of humor to the newsdesk for six years, from 1985-1991. This quick joke was really the only clip I could find, although Miller remains one of my favorites.

Next up was Kevin Nealon (and that's news to me). During his last appearance on Weekend Update, Nealon famously passed the torch to Norm McDonald by kissing him on the lips.

Here's a quick joke from Norm MacDonald, who was fired from Weekend Update after a little more than three years.  The speculation around his firing was that he made too many OJ Simpson jokes and was pushed out by one of NBC's West Coast execs, who was close friends with Simpson.

For our next clip, we have Jimmy Fallon...

...and Tiny Fey alongside Amy Poehler.

And I'll leave you with a clip of Seth Meyers doing a segment he calls "Really?!?!" about Kelloggs' decision to drop their sponsorship of Michael Phelps.

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