iPhone Spurs Farting Renaissance


iPhones have done for farting what cable did for broadcast news: now you can have the sound of any type of fart, from the "air biscuit" to the "sick dog," at your fingertips 24 hours a day. There are more than 200 fart applications for the iPhone -- the number one app on the iPhone period is iFart -- but with such variety, how can you possibly choose one over another? This video might help -- it's the fart sounds from the top 30 fart applications, all played back to back.

Did you know there's a fart application controversy? The first fart application for the iPhone, "Pull My Finger," is suing iFart, the most popular, for trademark infringement. The Daily Show did an hilarious piece on the kerfluffle, interviewing the CEOs of both companies. Check it out: