Our latest book giveaway winner!

Eric Johnson

We got some outstanding responses to our most recent book giveaway contest. We asked you how you would make a sport more fun, dangerous or exciting. The best answers, including our winner, were able to bring all three of those qualities into the game. Our winning rule changer is Isstvan:

As you are well aware, the Winter Olympics never have as high a viewership as the summer games, partly because the sports are things that nobody cares about. The standard response seem to be combining different sports"¦biathalon, etc. So, I present"¦Figure Fencing, a combination of figure skating and fencing. Instead of the fencers being confined to a narrow strip, they can use the entire rink. And while a touch from a simple lunge would still be worth one point, you can increase the value by getting a touch as you come out of an axel, salchow, or camel.

Congrats, Isstvan! You've won a copy of Kick the Balls by Alan Black. We'll be in touch!

For everyone else, we're not done yet - stop by next week for our next book giveaway.