The Orb Bluetooth Headset


How do you feel about bluetooth headsets? On the one hand, having a lightweight portable hands-free device for phone calls is downright handy in certain situations, most especially while driving. On the other hand, the classic bullet-in-the-ear design has a dorky reputation. Wear one, and people assume you are so enamored of  your phone that you can't put it down, or else you so full of yourself that you think you have to be accessible within seconds. One the other hand, it's handy for covering up the fact that you talk to yourself. But that's too many hands.

220_orbearring /

The Orb has a flexible OLED that will display the caller information, calendar items, and voice-to-text information. So the next time you receive a ring, you can look at your ring. You may notice that the opened up headset is hanging securely from the ear, but none of it is in the ear. Yeah, you don't have to mess around with it too much, as the Orb uses bone conduction technology. Some of you have not seen bone conduction before, but it is a way of transmitting sound directly into the brain through touch.

The Orb is a concept design now, but is planned for release in 2010, starting at $129. Since it is jewelry, it might also be available with gemstones or even engraving. Who knows? It could be the centerpiece of geek weddings to come.