It's an all-new 5-day trivia hunt,
with an all-new set of puzzles, prizes, and collaborators!

5733_97533744537_76211474537_2112227_4036342_nFirst, the prizes: In addition to the usual $100 and $50 gift certificates to our store for the first place winner and the random winner, we'll be giving away a brand-spanking new Mino HD Flip cam, courtesy of Pure Digital Technologies. This is a simple-to-use, ultra-cool, full HD cam that fits in your pocket and doesn't need a charger ('flips' into your USB port to transfer files AND charge). We've used it over on our Facebook page (are you a Fan yet?) to provide clues for past Hunts and it's amazing. So, if you're one of the first 20 people/teams to submit all the correct answers, you'll be entered into a drawing. We'll pluck one name from the twenty, randomly, and the winner gets the cam. So even the first place winner has a chance at winning the cam.

Second, the collaborators: meet Josh Halbur, the brilliant mind behind many of this month's puzzles. Currently attending college to become a math teacher, Josh says he only seems to enjoy things that have two Zs, as evidenced by his love of logic puzzles, trivia quizzes, jazz singing, and pizzas with mozzarella cheese. (Take that, Mr. Dogg.) He's also working on a puzzle book, which he hopes to publish before his procrastinating soul dies.

Next, meet Sister Salad, who were inspired by mental_floss contributors, the original nerdfighters, John and Hank Green and their Vlogbrothers posts, and went and created their own Vlogsisters version over on YouTube.

I've cajoled the Salad Sisters (after stalking them) into introducing the first challenge each day this week. So without further cyber-ado, here is part one of today's fairly easy, three-part challenge. Once you've watched the vid, click below to move on to level two!

If you're new to our five-day hunt, you can read up on our Rules page here. You'll also want to check out last month's hunt and read up on our defending champion, Neil Konouchi. Ready to get your Hunt on? Click on through.