Kids Behaving Badly

Ransom Riggs

When I was younger, I wasn't a bad kid -- but I did like to hang around them and watch them do bad things, like in middle school when some kids I knew vandalized the boys' bathroom during lunch. I didn't participate, but guilt-by-association earned me a few detentions anyway. I guess I'm still like that, except the kids I watch behaving badly are on YouTube.

16-year-old Australian party-boy Corey Worthington threw a massive party while his parents were out of town, and the hundreds of people who showed up (and brought plenty of beer) trashed not only his house, but his neighborhood, too. Watch this Australian TV host vainly try to extract a sincere apology from Corey, who's obviously delighted with his newfound fame.

7-year-old Latarian Milton stole his grandmother's car and went on a destructive joyride, running over mailboxes, hitting parked cars and finally being arrested after someone called the cops, reporting a driver who was "too short to see over the steering wheel." When asked why he stole the car, Latarian explains that "it's fun to do bad things."

This one isn't funny -- it's shocking. A boy confronts his mother on Dr. Phil, and after a heated exchange, slaps her. I would never include something from Dr. Phil otherwise, but this exchange between them seemed so genuine and unstaged -- see what you make of it.

This toddler is just learning how to manipulate his parents -- but he hasn't quite gotten it down yet. Watch him perfect the art of the moveable tantrum.

Just to end on a nice big dose of cuteness, here's "Charlie bit my finger!"