What Makes Your Birthday So Special?

Jason English

1. As I made very clear yesterday, July 30th is my birthday. A quick scan of a few "This Date in History" sites reveals a few notable events: Arnold Schwarzenegger was born, Jimmy Hoffa disappeared, and, at least according to Wikipedia, Baghdad was founded. What's the most impressive thing to happen on your birthday?

2. What's your second-favorite quote from your favorite movie?

3. I once took a vacation day to clean up the residue from a fire extinguisher that my wife had to use on our flaming oven. It was a mess and really did take most of the day to clean, but I'm sure my boss thought the whole ordeal was made up. What's the strangest real reason you had to miss work? (And if you want to share your best fake excuse, that'd be even better.)

4. Full disclosure: This one might help us with an article we're working on for next week. Mangesh is reading a book called Picking Cotton about a woman who misidentified the man who raped her, put him in jail for 11 years until DNA proved him innocent, and now they're really good friends. Can you think of any other unexpected or bizarre friendships or partnerships in history?

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