The Late Movies: 9 Great Movie Monologues

Mario Marsicano

When I look back at some of my favorite moments in film, I realize a lot of them happen to be monologues. Without a doubt, a well written (and well delivered) monologue can stir up all sorts of emotions, and end up becoming the most memorable part of the film. Here are some of my favorites.

1. Network - I'm mad as hell...

2. A Few Good Men - You can't handle the truth.

3. Good Will Hunting - Why Shouldn't I work for the NSA?

4. Pulp Fiction - Ezekial 25:17

5. Wall Street - Greed is good.

6. Jaws - You were on the USS Indianapolis?

7. Scent of a Woman - In defense of Charlie Simms.

8. The Warriors - Can you dig it?

9. Glengarry Glen Ross - Always Be Closing.

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