I was digging through disorganized piles of old photos in a Portland antique store last week when I happened upon a goldmine of weirdness: amidst fading snapshots of family vacations and weddings were scattered a half-dozen or so photos of twins. At first I couldn't figure out how they all came to be in the same antique store -- but then I found a stamp on the back of one of them:

They were all from a local, long-dead (and apparently twins-obsessed) photographer's archives, which had found their way, along with thousands of other photos, to several drawers in the back of a dusty consignment shop nearly a century after they were taken. I know next to nothing about the children in these photographs, except that I find them totally haunting and strange, but if anyone recognizes their great-grandmother or something, leave a comment. (You never know!)


Three sets of twins. (The boy in back is clearly an evil twin.)

This one seems ripe for a caption contest. If you come up with any good ones, leave 'em in the comments.
The proud parents of these babies had the above photo made into a postcard. Their brief note on the back is the only date I have for any of these:

There's something Diane Arbus-y about these girls.

Identical twins; identical weird haircuts.

The dolls control their minds.

These girls aren't twins, but they might well be sisters. Note the hyper-creepy, pinheaded Victorian doll in a stroller and completely unnecessary, Edward Gorey-esque umbrella.