Ultimate Time-Waster: Super Mario Bros Online Games

Chris Higgins

Need a way to waste your afternoon instead of working? Why not play Infinite Mario Bros, an online Java-based Mario game made by a fan. The game is randomized, so each level contains random bricks, enemies, and so on. This means literally infinite replayability! (Until you drive yourself nuts with the catchy soundtrack.) You'll need a Java 5-enabled browser, then just go for it. (Press arrows to move, A to run, and S to jump...much like the A/B buttons on an old Nintendo controller.)

But wait, there's more! If that's not enough Mario action for you, check out SuperMarioBrothers.org, an online collection of Mario games, which includes pointers to various online Mario games written in Flash, Mario/Sonic mashups, all manner of awesome stuff. (I recommend Super Mario Flash for a simple, non-nutty starter game.)

(Infinite Mario Bros via Waxy.org.)