Werner Herzog Hosts a Cooking Show

Chris Higgins

Some friends of mine lampoon German director Werner Herzog in this new web series, Cooking With Werner. Herzog is known for his deadpan, Teutonic delivery of deep truths about life, death, and other significant matters. His movies are great (particularly his documentaries My Best Fiend, about his terrifying relationship with actor Klaus Kinski, and Grizzly Man, which was a big hit in the US a few years back), but there's something a little bizarre in his deeply serious speech, which actor Will Maier captures beautifully in the following short films. Only the first two parts of the series are up now, but a third is coming soon. Check after the jump for a clip of the real Herzog, to compare Maier's impression to the real thing.

Cooking With Werner - Part 1

Cooking With Werner - Part 2>

Compare to Real Herzog

Here's Herzog from Burden of Dreams:

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