The Late Movies: SNL Audition Tapes

Jason English

Tonight's movies are a little later than usual. Mangesh and I were off gallivanting at the launch party for Afar Magazine—a unique celebration for what looks like a cool magazine. The highlight was being handed a French baguette on my way out the door.

Anyway, tonight's topic is Saturday Night Live auditions. In addition to being late, these clips were hastily assembled, so please shout out audition tapes that I missed (that are on YouTube) in the comments.

Let's kick things off with Phil Hartman's audition, with an assist from Jon Lovitz. No celebrity death bummed me out more than Phil Hartman's.

Next up, Will Ferrell.

John Belushi's audition from 1975.

Fast forward about 20 years for Jim Breuer.

The prolific Dana Carvey (part one).

And we'll end with more Carvey. Like I said, this list is not nearly complete, so if you can find any good clips, please add them in the comments.

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