Friday Happy Hour: Continuing Your Education

Jason English

1. Congratulations! You've been awarded a scholarship to pursue any advanced degree or training you'd like, plus the necessary housing considerations, a meal allowance, a job for your significant other in your new city, well-credentialed babysitters, etc. Where would you go, and what would you study?

2. Earlier this week, Mangesh and I attended the launch party for Afar magazine (we're pictured here looking a little confused during the capoeira performance). I've heard the story of our actual launch party—a 'Wine & Cheetos' affair held in a space that did not allow alcohol, thus making it a '& Cheetos' affair. I think a re-launch party is in order. If we hired you to plan a mental_floss (9th-anniversary-of-the-first) launch party, what would that look like? Where would it be? What would we eat? Which C-list celebrities would you convince to attend?

3. If you were given the power to change just one thing about your current job, what would it be? Don't say "more money" or "more vacation time." Everyone wants that.

4. What's one food you've tried to like, but just can't bring yourself to eat it?