Les Paul - "What I've Learned"

Chris Higgins

Guitar great Les Paul died this week, and I've been thinking about what I could post in tribute. The most fitting tribute I can find is his own words: an excellent "What I've Learned" interview conducted by Esquire in September 2008 -- actually one of his last interviews. Read it here: Les Paul: What I've Learned, or check out my favorite bit below:

Last time I saw Count Basie, he was in a wheelchair. They wheeled him up onto the stage, he sits down at the piano, and he gives the downbeat, and that band played like they were in heaven. And right in the middle, the band cuts. He had to take one hand and put the other on it, and he comes down with one note. And it was the greatest note I ever heard in my life.

Read the rest for some life lessons from guitarist/inventor/music legend Les Paul.

(Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons, used under Creative Commons license.)