Big news around these parts: The Iowa State Fair kicked off yesterday. And you know what that means "“ Butter Cow. Well, butter lots of things, actually, which is why today's Q10 is a photo Q10! Although the original artist, Duffy Lyon, started out just sculpting various bovines of butter, over the years she decided to start incorporating current events along with Bessie. Michael Jackson was supposed to be the honoree this year (I'll leave the jokes to you), but Iowans vetoed that idea and the anniversary of the moon landing is depicted in the artery-clogging substance instead. Just in case you don't make it to the state fair every year, here are 10 buttery creations.

1. Iowa native John Wayne.
butter john wayne
Photo by Flickr user chelseyhotel.

2. The kids from Peanuts.

Photo by Flickr user Hedgeman.

3. Tiger Woods"¦ and his pet tiger?
AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

4. Harry Potter and various Harry Potter accessories.
Photos by Blogadilla and Flickr user Virtual Farm Boy, respectively.

5. Shawn Johnson.

6. A Harley Davidson motorcycle.
AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

7. Elvis.
Photo by Flickr user Poodle Superstar.

8. Superman - the Brandon Routh version, because he is also an Iowa native. Seeing a trend here?
Photo by Flickr user Luke H.

9. The Moon Landing. Notice the butter television with footage of the real event!
butter astronaut
butter television
Photos by Sophia Ahmad

10. The Last Supper.
AP Photo

Does your State Fair do sculptures using rather unconventional mediums? I've seen others, but of course, I'm partial to ours. Share yours in the comments!

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