Caption Contest No. 16


[There's still time to get your caption in! We'll lock down the contest on Sunday.] Our latest brilliant cartoon is by regular _floss reader, the very gifted Art Fuentes. To repeat the rules, the idea here is quite simple: Your job is to come up with a gag. Make us smile, make us laugh, extra-points for those who are able to drop some interesting fact or trivia along the way. We'll narrow down the entries to our favorites and then let YOU guys pick one winner. This time around, we're giving away a brand new copy of the 2-disc set of the movie Valkyrie, starring Tom Cruise. One disc has a blu-ray version with more than 3 hours of behind the scenes footage. The other disc has a digital copy for portable media players, like the iPhone. So give the below Valkyrie a caption, and score your own Valkyrie. Enter as often as you'd like, so long as each caption is in a separate comment.

Lastly, if you're good with the pen and think YOU'D like to contribute a cartoon of your own for a future caption contest, or want to pitch me an idea for one, please leave a comment and I'll be in touch with you via e-mail.

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