The Top Nine Top Ten Lists

Ransom Riggs

I'm sure you've noticed by now -- we enjoy a good list here at mental_floss. (As does, apparently, much of the blogosphere.) I thought it only fitting, as the _floss is now approaching its ninth birthday, to assemble a top-nine list of the top-ten lists ever -- the top in my opinion, at any rate -- on this blog and others. As is tradition with list blogs, feel free to tell me which ones I missed in the comments!

9. Top ten strange pregnancy cravings

Coal? Rubber? Sponges? Yep, pregnant women are pretty weird. Our own Stacy Conradt explains.

8. Top ten last pictures taken

This list from Listverse is pretty amazing -- photographs of the 2004 tsunami approaching unfortunate folk, a photo taken 90 seconds before the second tower fell on 9/11, a photo of Lady Di and her entourage moments before the fatal accident. Check it out.

7. Top ten urinals

This is actually the top Google hit when you search for "top ten." Ever seen a "women's urinal"? You can either visit the Dairy Queen in Port Charlotte, Florida, or click here.

6. Top ten FBI most wanted criminals

The original top ten list! Besides legendary listers like Osama bin Laden, check out criminals like Jason Derek Brown, who when he's not working as a golf equipment importer, is murdering armored car drivers and stealing money from Brinks trucks. (He also "may have bisexual tendencies," which frankly seems beside the point, FBI.)

5. Top ten numbers between one and ten

Credit goes to David Letterman, Chris Higgins, and Casey Kasem. (I predict that never again shall their names be typed in the same sentence.) Here it is.

4. Top ten incredible recordings

Hear the voice of Florence Nightengale, a Russian exorcism, cult leader Jim Jones in the last 45 minutes of his cult's existence, and Hell itself, supposedly recorded by Russian scientists drilling in Siberia (uh huh). Click here -- if you dare!

3. Top ten best-selling LPs of all time

Michael Jackson, the Eagles, Whitney Houston -- naturally. But Meat Loaf? The Dirty Dancing soundtrack? Check out our list for what might be a few surprises (like that the Beatles didn't make this list).

2. Top ten bizarre items owned by Michael Jackson

Several creepy paintings of children, something called a "virtual boy," and a Lincoln Towncar upon the hood of which Michael's likeness is airbrushed (with Link from Legend of Zelda ears). Seeing is believing.

1. Top ten "trials of the century"

The twentieth century, that is. The Scopes "monkey trial," O.J., Patty Hearst, the Manson Family trials, and more.