The Late Movies: Olympic Fever!

Mark Arminio

Do you realize how insane Usain Bolt is?  After capturing the gold in the 100-meter dash at the World Track and Field Championships in Britain, he demolished his own record in the 200-meter dash today, besting his own time by .11 seconds.  At one point during his mad dash in the 100-meter race, he reached a speed of almost 27 mph, which means he legally wouldn't be allowed to run in a school zone.  Someone get that man behind a bobsled pronto.

Maybe it's Bolt's incredible performance. Maybe it's the heat.  Maybe it's that time in the sports doldrums before football starts.  But whatever it is, I have a touch of the Olympic Fever.  For tonight's Late Movies, here is a look at some of the Opening Ceremonies from past Olympics.

Here are the 1980 games from Moscow. It's incredible to think how much more intricate these ceremonies have become in the past 30 years.

Want proof? Here is a sampling from the Beijing games last year. It cost close to $300 million for the opening alone.

Here is the lighting of the giant torch that was a part of the Athens games in 2004.

Here's a clip from the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

The final one tonight is from the Atlanta games in 1996. If you remember, they brought out Muhammad Ali as the last torch bearer. Still brings chills to my spine.

Alright, consider yourselves sufficiently inspired heading into the weekend!

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