The New Issue Is Out!

Mangesh & Jason

Finally! We're so excited because we've been waiting and waiting to talk about the new issue, and it's finally out!
This month, we're covering the world's 5 gutsiest world leaders—visionaries with great stories who faced down their nation's most difficult problems. But if people who've single-handedly united Europe, saved a South American country from the current economic meltdown, or curbed the spread of AIDS in an African nation don't interest you (why doesn't that interest you?), we've also packed the issue full of stories that will: Great Christian Art by Really Lousy Christians, The Bizarre History of Lab Mice, What the Meaning of Life Has to Do with Volcanoes,  Why Louis Armstrong Practically Invented Modern Singing (seriously! Frank Sinatra gave him credit for it), The MacGyver Fact-Check, and my personal favorite, The No Budget Diner's Guide. So, what are you waiting for? Go pick up a copy already!

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