Fan of How Did You Know?

David K. Israel

Go ahead and make it official, and Fan our Facebook page. WHY? Because this coming Tuesday, we've got a brand new 5-day trivia hunt starting, and we're going to be dropping clues every now and again on Facebook, so you're going to want to join the other gamers to better your chances of scoring not only the big $100 prize, but some really cool 4GB flash drives, courtesy of our friends over

Plus, the page will allow you to friend other contestants, form alliances, network and just hang out with other trivia hunting gaming nerds. So go check it out over here.

New to our five-day trivia hunt? You can learn more on our rules and regulations page here.

Here's an advance preview of what's in store on Tuesday. And if you missed our interview with Alexis Ohanian, you can check it out over here. Oh, and those 4GB reddit alien mascot flash drives (that make great stocking stuffers, btw... what? it's almost September, isn't it?) can be purchased right this way.